Adoption Event Upcoming – July 13 & 14

Our next adoption event is on July 13th and 14th at the Central Park PetSmart in Spotyslvania, VA.

3 days ago

Debbie Chewning

Hi my name is Debbie Chewning I have 4 kittensI Please call me I need someone to take them would you please call me 540_661_6183 Thank you ...

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VETSS in Charlottesville need your prayers. This is an excellent emergency hospital that has saved many Cause 4 Paws cats and kittens. This is their current message to us.

Good morning VETSS family. Due to potential COVID 19 exposure, several of our staff members are in quarantine. VETSS will remain open for emergencies from 8am to 8pm, but will be rescheduling wellness appointments and procedures during this time. We will also be referring overnight emergencies so that our limited staff can focus on caring for our hospitalized patients. Our doctors will continue to be available 24/7 for phone consultations. Thank you for your understanding.

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Please read this!It has recently been brought to our attention that, on social media, people are advising others to shoot feral or unwanted cats and that either the animal shelter, animal control or the humane society told them it was ok to do it. This is NOT the case and we certainly would NEVER ever advise someone to shoot an unwanted feral cat. After speaking with the director of the animal shelter, this is NEVER their advise either. Cats are free roaming in Orange County but citizens can trap and bring in any unwanted cats to the shelter or they can contact the humane society for free TNR assistance. Shooting a cat or any other companion animal is not the answer and is a felony crime in the state of Virginia. Gunshot Wound is NOT an approved method of euthanasia for any companion animal which includes feral cats and feral dogs. This is a CRIME. If you are having trouble with feral cats please actually reach out to us, the animal shelter or the humane society of Orange County for assistance. There is a solution to your problem but shooting unwanted cats is not the answer! ...

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4 weeks ago

Julie Matteson

I sent an email a week ago about potential adopting. I haven’t heard back from anyone. Did the message just get lost maybe? ...

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